Father Oscar Reports

[55th Reunion - May 2010]

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Classmates: As many of us know, our Classmate Father Oscar Raynal, has devoted his life to serving a Christian Mission, ministering to prisoners at the Islas Marias Island Prison in Mexico to help them return to society and a good life. We discussed this at our 60th Reunion, which included Oscar and two of his friends from Mexico who have been major donors to Oscar’s Mission at Islas Marias. You have already seen a number of messages from us on this subject, and several of our Classmates have contributed very generously to bring Oscar to our 60th Reunion, and to support Oscar’s Mission at Islas Marias.

After our Reunion, I asked Oscar if he could send us a comprehensive description of his service at Islas Marias, which I have dubbed “The Oscar Project.” The four attachments to this message are his reply, which I can describe as:

- Oscar’s personal commitment to serving the men and women who are imprisoned at Islas Marias.

- A full description of “The Oscar Project” authored by one of the Mexican donor’s to the Project.

- A detailed explanation of the expenses that are incurred by the Project.

- Complete instructions for making fully tax-deductible contributions to the Project.

As all of us are fully aware, there are serious issues confronting us in our relationship with Mexico, drug trafficking being a major one. I believe that every opportunity our country can use to raise this relationship to higher levels of cooperation and friendship are in the best interests of both of our countries. And, I believe that all of us who began our adult lives serving our country can agree with that. This is an opportunity for us to help build a relationship that supports our national security, something that we swore to protect when we first donned “Kaydet Gray.” We will try to do this without seeking publicity, and with all credit being given to our Classmate Oscar, his Mexican supporters, and the grace of our Lord.

And so, Classmates, I send this to you with two objectives in mind:

1. That all of us who believe we can help “The Oscar Project” make a contribution, or contributions, as instructed by the foregoing.

2. That anyone who believes there are other individuals or organizations which might support “The Oscar Project” take the steps to inform them so that they might become part of this fine endeavor between our two countries that honors our Classmate Oscar.

If you have more ideas to help “The Oscar Project” please share them with all of us. We are very fortunate to be associated and have the opportunity to help with this very unique contribution to our world’s betterment. My thanks to all for your attention, and to Father Oscar for creating this unique opportunity for us to offer our support. With best regards always, Joe

Joseph P. Franklin
Major General
US Army (Retired)
30 July 2015


The Great Merit of Evangelizing Prisoners

Summary of The Islas Marías Jesuit Project

Summary of Extraordinary Expenses

Contribution Instructions

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