Father Oscar Reports

[55th Reunion - May 2010]

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Dear Classmates

Many of us will have an encounter next year in May. Im really looking forward to that moment.

Meanwhile, I want to thank you for the part which you all played in the medal I got from the mayor of this city of Chihuahua due to our effort to give a dignified shelter and human formation to the Tarahumara natives that dwell in our midst. I really feel my effort was possible because of your contribution. Up to this point we have given solution only to one hundred Tarahumara families, - the investment has reached close to two and a half million dollars- but we still have about 90% to go. We must keep on trying to the end. Along with the dignified shelter, we must provide for them not only grade school, but some of them will get to go to the university. The education institutions are most willing to give scholarships to these natives, and actually we already have people studying in high schools and even in the university.

Along with the education process, we must also provide economic projects which we name here "cooperativas" in which the natives themselves are the owners. The whole of the city is collaborating: government institutions, business men, private citizens, etc. This is a team work which all of you and me started, and where you must keep on being present.

If ever one of you would have an opportunity to come, please do so. Our team would be delighted to show you the accomplishments.

Your prayer and economic help is most welcome so as to motivate Mexican aids when they see that you keep on helping from outside. Actually, what you started, has multiplied long ways.

I bid farewell and pray that you, along with your whole family, may have a Christmas in which Christ may be born in your heart over and over.

Brother and friend

Oscar A. Raynal S.J. 55


Father Oscar receives Medal for Asentamientos

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