Preparing Submissions for Online Class Notes

(6 JUL 2011)

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Class Scribes serve a very important role in maintaining the appropriate style, quality and content of West Point Class Notes. As scribes, your role is to reach out to classmates for news. "Grip Hand," so to speak, and help bind the Long Gray Line together. You should seek assistance from classmates when you are deployed, ill, overscheduled, or otherwise unable to perform fully.


Class Notes deadlines will continue to be once per quarter, though scribes may submit them as frequently as once per month. Our goal is to reach a point where scribes may submit notes as frequently as desired and we can get them posted within two to three working days. Until then, quarterly deadlines will be as follows:

Season    Deadline

FALL:    15 September
WINTER:    15 December
SPRING:    15 March
SUMMER:    15 June

Scribe Responsibilities

1. Prepare your Class Notes as described in this document.

2. Email them to us at or mail to: WPAOG, ATTN: Class Notes Editor, 698 Mills Road, West Point, NY 10996.

3. If for any reason you are unable to submit notes, please ask a classmate to be a guest scribe.

4. Class Notes will be available to anyone (even non-graduates) because they will not be behind a login. Advise your classmates that certain information may not be appropriate for posting online.  Critical health issues, personal contact information (emails, addresses, etc.), and the like should be conveyed in other class communications to protect an individual’s privacy and/or security.  It is your responsibility to edit this information if it is submitted to you.


1. Online Class Notes will take the form of smaller news items, with headlines. Scribes may submit an unlimited number of items, with one photograph each. (Scribes should craft headlines.)

2. Scribes may add items with headlines such as Scribe Foreword, Scribe Postscript, Scribe Notes, etc. if desired.

3. Email submissions will take the least time to format. If you have more than three items, attach a Word document containing them all. Hard copy should be word-processed or legibly typed and single-spaced on 8½" x 11" paper.

4. With the goal of online readability, each item should not exceed 200 words. Annotate at end of item how any photo caption should read. Photo captions should not exceed 150 characters. (Please tell us in your email which photos go with which news items.) Remember, your readers are looking at a computer screen, not a magazine.


1. You may submit one digital (preferred) or hardcopy photo per item. Photos should be in sharp focus and have good contrast. Files should only be named by last name and class year. Name a photo Smith78, and not Yellowstone Picnic. Hardcopy photos submitted will be scanned and then placed in the graduate’s Cullum File unless the scribe specifically requests that we return the photo.

2. Photo sizes should not exceed 2 MB.

Scribe Information. The scribe’s name (and rank or title) and contact information are at the beginning of each class column and are visible only to classmates, class widows/widowers and ex-classmates who are logged-in. Be sure to apprise us of all changes to scribe information ASAP.

Proper Style

1. Class designations are part of the name with no preceding comma; e.g., John F. Jones ’23. Precede the class year with an apostrophe.

2. Write dates in military style; e.g., 29 Oct 96.

3. Abbreviate rank as follows when used before a name: GEN, LTG, MG, BG, COL, LTC, MAJ, CPT, 1LT, 2LT. When speaking in general about a rank, spell the rank out e.g., Bill was promoted to colonel. (Not Colonel).

4. Use an ampersand in naming couples; e.g., Jim & Sue White.

5. Long lists of addresses, assignments, birthdays, and guests at an event are better for a separate class newsletter or directory.

Proper Style for Names. For consistency, names will appear in normal order, first name first. You, the scribe, are responsible for the correct spelling of names appearing in your Class Notes. Boldface the name of a classmate or spouse at its first appearance in each paragraph.

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Keep Getting News. Try to get news items from as many people as pos.sible, even though some classmates may communicate with you more often. Establishing and maintaining contact is essential.

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