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Note: This will be the last issue of ASSEMBLY and Class Notes published in hard copy by AOG. According to AOG, ASSEMBLY will have migrated from print to the Internet by Oct 2011. Copies of Class Notes for the Class of 1955 will be mailed individually to our classmates and widows not on line effective with the Oct-Dec 2011 edition or until AOG finds a way to do the same for all subscribers. In the meantime, AOG has a Task Force working on a way to send Class Notes to all subscribers not on line. If the AOG cannot mail notes, our Class will mail our notes to classmates and widows.

1955 – Carl McNair Distinguished Graduate

Carl McNair has been chosen to receive the Distinguished Graduate Award on 17 May 11 at West Point. As of this writing (10 Apr 11), the following events are being organized to honor Carl’s selection; however, they will already have been completed by the time this information is printed in ASSEMBLY: On May 16th, an AOG Dinner was scheduled for Awardees and Invited guests. On May 17th, a Review and Award Ceremony was scheduled for 1020 hours at West Point with a luncheon in Washington Hall following the Review and Award Ceremony. At the Park Ridge Marriott, the Class scheduled a Cocktail Reception at 1830 hours followed by Dinner at 1930 hours.

1955 – Arranging the 60th Reunion Fred Pirkey

The Class Executive Committee (EXCOM) met by telephone conference on 1 Mar 11. Here are some redacted notes from the record. A new procedure for approving Minutes (that had been in effect since 7 Oct 10). "...a dated Rough DRAFT will be circulated and posted on the Home Page. After it is revised IAW changes/additions/corrections received, a currently dated DRAFT will be circulated and posted on the Home Page. It will be replaced with an approved version after updating based on comments received.... The ISO will notify the Business Net when the draft minutes are posted and notify the Business Net and Quiet Net when the approved minutes are posted. Everyone was reminded minutes are not sent to classmates not on the Net. The Treasurer’s Report reflected the Class financial status as of 28 Feb 11 as follows: The Admin Fund (working capital) has nearly $13,000 which includes Accounts Receivable of just under $2,000 and three non-Admin funds (AOG Memorial Pages Fund and the Memory and Caring Funds) collectively contain nearly $102,000. The ISO stated visits to the Home Page have increased and complimented Tom Sims for his great additions such as cadet pictures on birthdays. Eighty-eight percent of classmates are on the Net. Of the 46 not on the Net, six have email addresses and have given the ISO permission to keep them up to date on special postings. Twenty-three of the 60 known widows (39 percent) have email.... The Scribe discussed changes to AOG publications. (See Note: above.) Phil Enslow covered our 2011 Distinguished Graduate Award nomination status. One completed nomination (Rod Vitty) is in hand. Those classmates who have contributed to its writing have been notified to submit updating information.... Ted Gay reported on ‘the AOG’s Committee groupings. The Class has an opportunity to fill one of these positions; a Class Advisor....He will be the last Class representative to serve AOG.... Lee McKinney...sent out an email asking classmates to submit personal background material to use in preparation of their own future article. The Scribe recommended no change to the Class Constitution but to affix to the Constitution an approved MFR describing who is performing designated duties. The EXCOM concurred. The President discussed the honoring of the 1953 football team. The Class has already written a letter of support to the Class of 1962. 'Now the Class of 1962 is asking for donations to dedicate Hotel Thayer rooms to Team members. The EXCOM agreed that our Class should not proceed in this effort;...’ Fred Pirkey will chair the 60th Reunion which will be held at the Park Ridge NJ Marriott hotel. Bill Haas is chairing the preparations for the 2013 Mini Reunion in Birmingham. The President asked for a recommended location for a face-to-face EXCOM meeting in August or September 2011."

1955 – FDD 2011, Pike’s Peak FDD. Todd Graham, Sue, and their grandson

1955 – 55th Reunion, Judy McCloskey’s Last Picture

Some of the Founders Day Dinners in 2011 attended by ’55 were: El Paso, TX; Ft. Huachuca, AZ; Richmond, VA; Salt Lake City, UT; Austin, TX; Pike’s Peak Area, CO; Birmingham & Central Alabama; San Francisco Bay; and Washington, DC.

Kudos to Tom Sims who has put the whole 1955 HOWITZER on line!

1955 – Arranging the Birmingham Mini 2013 Bill Haas

Bill Haas will be in charge of the mini-reunion to be held in Birmingham, AL from Tuesday 23 to Saturday 27 Apr 2013. Synopsis of trips that will be available: Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, American Village (Revolutionary War era), Barber Motorsports Park & Museum (motorcycles, vintage vehicles, and motorsports), Birmingham Botanical Gardens (more than 10,000 plants), Birmingham Museum of Art (more than 24,000 objects from various world cultures), Civil Rights Institute (focuses on the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s), Hyundai Automotive Plant in Montgomery (capable of producing 300,000 cars a year, employs over 2,700 persons), Marion Military Institute (has a USMA Prep School that graduates about 20 persons a year who go to West Point), Paul (Bear) Bryant Museum (coached 6 National Champion college football teams), U.S. Space & Rocket Center (devoted to space travel), Tannehill Ironworks (Civil War era iron production); Vulcan Statue, Park, & Museum (City Symbol of Birmingham, world’s largest cast iron statue). Bill Haas asked me to remind classmates who intend to go to the Birmingham Mini to fill out the form he will send the first week of May to make reservations for bus trips because bus size will determine how many persons may go on what available trip.

Jack Jeter reported that as of this writing (10 Apr 2011), Katherine Jeter was in Lafayette, LA. Katherine belongs to an organization of nurses she helped found called The Wound Continence Nurses or WOCN. Women from WOCN are cycling from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL to help raise money for training young nurses in this critical skill. The cycling excursion began in San Diego when the women dipped the wheels of their bikes in the Pacific Ocean on the 4th of March and will end at St. Augustine on April 28th with the dipping of the bicycle wheels in the Atlantic Ocean.

1955 – Tom Turner

1955 – Bud Hall

Sadly, I report our loss of Tom Turner who passed away in North Charleston, SC on February 7, 2011. Tom was buried in Springfield, MO on February 10th. Bud Hall left this world on March 3, 2011 in Ventura, CA. Barbara Hufnagel went to her reward on February 10th of this year.

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