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1955 – COL Sam Johnson and the Supe Accept Armed Forces Bowl plaque; December 2010

Pictured above is Charlie Johnson’s son Sam with The Superintendent LTG Huntoon. Sam participates as acting Director of Athletics at Alma Mater. The plaque symbolizes The Army Team’s invitation to participate in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl football game. Army’s Black Knights beat Southern Methodist University’s Mustangs 16-14 in the game held on December 29, 2010 in University Park near Fort Worth, TX.

The Executive Committee (EXCOM) met by telephone conference on October 7, 2010. The only item for discussion was Ted Gay’s Major Awards Committee Report concerning the "Class candidates for a 2011 Distinguished Graduate Award…. After Discussion the EXCOM voted to submit a single candidate – Carl McNair."

1955 – Dinner after the Air Force game, Park Ridge, 6 Nov 10

1955 – Plaque in the Holleder Center Terrace, honoring Kelly Lichtenberg

On Saturday, November 6, 2010, Class of ’55 members, kinfolk, and friends gathered at the Park Ridge Marriott, NJ arranged for by Rod and Pat Vitty. After traveling to West Point for the game (which, unfortunately Army lost) and back by bus, Pat and Rod sponsored a dinner at the hotel. In the picture after the dinner are: The Hilbert's, the Regnier's, the Lynn's, the Newtons, the Strati's, the Vitty's, the Wheeler's, the Franklin's, Jim Ryan, the Fikarises, Charlie Johnson, and Dave Young. Guests were: The Hurleys (friends of the Hilbert's), the Smiths (he is the Hilbert's’ son-in-law), Ulrichs (he is the Fikarises’ son-in-law), and Anne (Dave Young’s lady friend). Thanks are due to Rod and Pat for arranging such a grand time for everyone there.

1955 – Carl McNair, Jo Ann McNair, and Rod Vitty: Carl Received Abrams Medal

Excerpts from the McNair's’ Christmas Letter. "Year 2010 was another good year for the McNair family….Our home fires still burn brightly here in Springfield with many professional and social community activities - the biggest of which this year was the 55th Reunion of our West Point Class of 1955 in May.... This Reunion was another significant milestone for both Jo Ann and me, along with over 250 of our lifelong friends….The year also brought further humbling recognition here at home. The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the "Voice of Business" in Northern Virginia, presented Carl with their first ever Distinguished Service Award for contributions made in his 32 year military career followed by 23 years as a successful business executive in the Corporate World. Late in October, the Association of the United States Army awarded Carl the prestigious Creighton W. Abrams Medal for "Outstanding Service to America's Army" over four decades. With Jo Ann, Courtney, Patrick, Cynthia, Stephen, Jo Ann's faithful companion/caregiver/friend, Sylvia Naswell and a host of other friends, the Award was presented at the Opening Ceremonies of the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition at the Washington Convention Center. No greater reward for us than to be recognized by your peers in the Army we have loved and served for years…."

Our Class Prayer List. (Most recent info date in parentheses.) Mike Brown (Jan 2011), undergoing dialysis; Don Buchwald (Oct 2010), recuperating from a stroke; Frank Chura (Oct 2010), undergoing treatments for non-hodgkins lymphoma and praying for remission; Lo Dienst (Oct 2010), undergoing chemo and out-patient dialysis to correct kidney problems; Ken Ikeda (Dec 2010), suffering from parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, and thyroid problems; Marty McGuire (Dec 2010), in rehab nursing home recovering from repairs to heart valve replacement surgery; Jo Ann McNair (Nov 2010), coping with the after effects of a stroke; Ron McNiven (Jun 2010), recovering from a stroke with left-side paralysis and loss of sight in his left eye; Veronika Meekison (Feb 2010), recovering from surgery for removal of a benign brain tumor; Bob Millard (Oct 2010), some short term memory loss and undergoing treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML); Ed Nidever (May 2010), recovering from having bladder removed after being diagnosed with bladder cancer; E.J. O'Brien (Apr 2010), coping with terminal intestinal cancer; John Passafiume (Oct 2010), undergoing treatments for multiple myeloma; Dave Patton (Feb 2010), in rehab following a massive heart attack; Nancy Rumsey (Oct 2010), bed-ridden with severe back problems; Joe Vincent (Dec 2010), diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease; Jane Zaborowski (May 2010), on a walker, recovering from two strokes and vasculitis.

George and Patty Page gave us a whopping, two-page (no pun intended) newsletter for their 2010 Holiday Greetings. Last winter, the Pages spent much of their time in dog shows and raising dogs. One of their dogs later achieved its championship. During one show in July, Patty had a pain in her side, winding up in the Emergency Room where the doctors discovered she had a swollen appendix which was removed that night. Just three days later, the Pages left on a trip to France for a river cruise from Burgundy to Avignon. In August, George went from Montreal to the west coast of Greenland for a trip on an exploration ship traveling from Arctic Greenland to Baffin Island, Labrador, and up the St. Lawrence Seaway to Toronto. From Toronto where Patty joined George, the Pages journeyed through Western Ontario to Duluth, MN where their tour ended. Patty reports that George had a cataract operation and lens replacement in his left eye. However, he still has macular degeneration in his right eye -- with a case of shingles in the eye and forehead to add to his miseries.

1955 – PF Chang Gathering, Austin, on 1 Jan 11

Jack Campbell sends: "The 8th Annual Traditional '55 New Year's Day PF Chang Austin Gathering. This year we had eight classmate couples and two widows attend. The Cooper's drove in from Harker Heights, the Black's from Salado, the Dienst's from Katy, the Fleegers from Houston and Maren Palmer from Temple to join the Baker's, Blitch's,  Kennebeck's , Campbell's, and Roberta Stone from the  Greater Austin area. We met at 11:30 at PF Chang's for drinks and conversation and then sat down for a delicious family style lunch. Following the luncheon there was a picture taking formation and then everyone headed home to get started on 2011. As is the tradition, the affair was organized and hosted by Jack & Paula Campbell."

1955 – Washington Area Brunch, M-1 attendees, 5 Dec 10

The Washington Area Brunch was held at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA on December 5, 2010. Attendees at the Brunch were: Bill & Anita Anderson, Ed & Betsy Anderson, Norm & Barb Blahuta, Bob & Marly Carpenter, Marcia Cathey, Bob Deardorff, Jack Doyle, Joe & Connie Franklin, Ted Gay, Bud & Dorothy Goldstein, Don & Carla Hilbert, Emily Karam, Dan & Donna Ludwig, Dan & Anne Malone, Lorna Malooley, Alexandra Malooley, Bill & Joan McCulla, Durf & Barbara McJoynt, Carl & Jo Ann McNair, BG Myrna Williamson (guest of McNair's), Jane Merryman (guest of McNair's), Dave & Cyndy McNerney, Rich & Mary Ann Miller, Mary Monahan, Bob & Linda Newton, George & Patty Page, Bob & Nancy Russell, Jim & Pat Ryan, Matt & Betty Schepps, Earl & Margit Singer, John & Ruth Sloan, Larry & Kay Stockett, Marcia Howlett (guest of Stockett's), Bob & Pat Strati, Dan & Yvette Troyan, Danielle Troyan, Ted & Starla Vitori, Dick & Sandy Wargowsky, Tom & Elaine West. As for past brunches, Greta Masson made the Christmas theme centerpieces for the tables even though she was ill and unable to attend. Thanks to Norm Blahuta, Matt Schepps, and Dick Wargowsky for their hard work in making things happen so that classmates, wives, and friends could get together to bring in the Holidays.

1955 – Morris T. "Pop" Warner

Morris Thompson "Pop" Warner went to his Maker on 11 Oct 10. Born on 4 Oct 32, Pop, as he was affectionately known to his classmates and friends was buried in Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, VA, on 16 October after a memorial service at Trinity Episcopal Church, Staunton.

1955 – Mike Gallup

Elisha L. "Mike" Gallup went to his reward on 28 Jan 11.

Our former classmate, Everett "E.J." O'Brien died on 17 Jan 11.

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