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[Class of 1955, ASSEMBLY NOTES for Jan-Mar 2011]

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Don Hilbert, Quent Bates, Dan Ludwig, Rod Vitty
[Dalmation Coast Cruise - AUG 2010]

Travel Club news from Rod Vitty: "This is a brief report on our recent Travel Club trip (6-29 August 2010) to the Dalmatian Coast and Greece with pre- and post-trip options to Bled, Slovenia, and Crete. The trip included a wonderful cruise through the Adriatic and the Corinth Canal on a small ship with 25 cabins. Countries visited included Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, and Greece. Highlights included stops and port calls in Zagreb, Split, Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Butaint, Corfu, Delphi, Crete, and Athens. Especially enjoyable was a walking tour of the Plitvice Lakes Region of Croatia, as well as trips to ancient Trogir and Cetinje, Montenegro. We had beautiful weather the entire trip, great cuisine, wine tasting experiences, magnificent crew, and guides. We had home-hosted meals in Crete and Dubrovnik. We visited "Our Lady of the Rocks" shrine on a man-made islet in Kotor Bay. Phil Enslow and I traveled to Thermopylae to visit the ancient battle site of 480 BC. Trip participants were: Bates, Enslow's, Hilbert's, Ludwig's, Vitty's, Natalie Wilcox, Marcia Cathey, and other friends for a total of l8. We engaged in song fests with rousing "Rockets" for crew members, home hosts, and guides. Next: 2011, Paris to Normandy – July/August, South Africa – November/December."

Jack Campbell and Tom Sims started a program on the 55Forum whereby classmates tell us "How I Got There." The stories tell how each classmate first heard of West Point, how he received an appointment, how he traveled to the ‘reception’ in Central Area, and how he ended up in the Class of 1955. Another program encourages classmates to tell about their children, how many they have, how they grew up, and what they are doing now.

The following is adapted from Don Andrews’ notes of the Executive Committee meeting: "The Committee and others involved in the leadership team came together for their first meeting on 21 August 2010 at the Emma Willard School in Troy, NY. The Treasurer, Jim Bergen, gave an overview of the status of Class funds including a preliminary breakout of the 55th Reunion. The Scribe, yours truly, provided an example of the periodic report he intends to give and has reviewed his duties in accordance with the Class Constitution. Some work needs to be done to realign duties and to bring the Constitution up to date for this purpose. The Historian, Dan Ludwig, was not able to attend the meeting due to travel in Europe on a Class trip. However, he sent a report: Preparation of the Reunion Book is underway and coming together. At his suggestion, the EXCOM agreed to give official thanks to Kitty Millard for her invaluable service to the Class over the years. The President has sent to Kitty Millard thanks with a picture depicting Trophy Point and a view of the Hudson River arranged for by Bob Strati. The President, Charlie Johnson, asked Bob Strati to give the Committee a description of the Class Giving Fund. Bob explained the difference between restricted and unrestricted funds. Bob stated the Fund had no further financial obligation. Trudy and Charlie gave the attendees a wonderful tour of the historic Emma Willard School followed by lunch on campus. The Informations Systems Officer, Jack Campbell, explained the class nets. He noted nearly one-half the widows are on the Quiet net. There are 280 classmates on one or more nets. Ted Gay discussed the status of our two Distinguished Graduate Award candidates. Ted is to mail copies of the candidates’ packets to each officer. There will be a teleconference on 7 October among the Class officers to arrive at a rank ordering of the two candidates. The Memorial Articles coordinator, Lee McKinney, was unable to attend the meeting; but he submitted a report on the general status of the memorial articles. Bob Hinrichs, who was absent because of illness, sent a report on the Caring Fund SOP with recommendations for revisions in procedures. The Committee discussed the establishing the position of Local Class Assistant Officer to coordinate representation at funerals of classmates. Vice President Jim Drummond volunteered to take on the project. Jack Campbell has compiled a detailed After Action Report which can be used for running future Mini-reunions. Jill Wiegand is establishing a fund supporting a cadet procedure for a summer language and cross-cultural program. The 60th Reunion will be held at West Point. The President has reserved space at the Park Ridge Marriott hotel.

Lo and Danny Dienst
[55th Reunion - May 2010]

Rod Vitty sent a big THANK YOU to all the people on "Team Lo" who helped with the table setting, flower arrangement, balloon inflation, and animal control all of which contributed to the beauty of the Ballroom at the 55th Reunion held last May. He recognized the following for service to the Class as Team Lo: Anna and Quent Bates, Ute Bergen, Paula and Jack Campbell, Dianne and Phil Enslow, Donna and Dan Ludwig, Sandra and Roy Lynn, Maren Palmer, Candy and Jack Strom, Pat Vitty, Danny Dienst, and the fearless and relentless team leader Lo Dienst.

Sharon and Bill Peters, Dick and Carol Baker, Anne
and Dan Malone [Scottsdale - SEP 2010]

Ruth and John Sloan
[50th Anniversary - AUG 2010]

The Peters, Baker's, and Malone's were in Scottsdale, AZ where they met for lunch. The Malone's were visiting the Peters in Phoenix. Cato West reports John and Ruth Sloan celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. There was a Mass held at which they renewed their wedding vows followed by a delightful brunch at the home of their daughter Julie.

Class of 1955 Prayer List: Don Andrews
[JUN 2010] - Recovering from knee surgery. Don Buchwald
[MAY 2010] - Recuperating from a stroke. Frank Chura
[JAN 2010] - Undergoing treatments for non-hodgkins lymphoma. Lo Dienst
[JUL 2010] - Undergoing chemo and out-patient dialysis to correct kidney problems. Mary Joe Donald (Frank’s widow)
[AUG 2010] - In a nursing home in poor health. Bob Hinrichs
[APR 2010] - Recovering from robotic surgery for prostate cancer. Ken Ikeda
[FEB 2010] - Ill with Parkinson's disease. Anne Fields Macdonald '80 (Skip's DIL)
[MAR 2010] - For her safety while in Afganistan. Lee Mckinney
[OCT 2010] – Recovering from eye surgery. Jo Ann McNair
[MAY 2010] - Coping with the after effects of a stroke and being treated for cancer. Ron McNiven
[JUN 2010] - Recovering from a stroke with left-side paralysis and loss of sight in his left eye. Veronika Meekison
[FEB 2010] - Recovering from surgery for removal of a benign brain tumor. Bob Millard
[AUG 2010] - Undergoing treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Ed Nidever
[MAY 2010] - Recovering from having bladder removed after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. E.J. O'Brien x55
[APR 2010] - Coping with terminal intestinal cancer. Dave Patton
[FEB 2010] - In rehab following a massive heart attack. Jill Wiegand
[MAY 2010] - Recovering from a femur break and knee surgery. Jane Zaborowski
[MAY 2010] - On a walker, recovering from two strokes and vasculitis.

John Gamble


Jim Brokenshire


Frank Donald

The final call has sounded for three classmates. John Gamble passed away 29 July 2010, a victim of cancer. Jim Brokenshire joined his Maker on 16 August 2010 after fighting a rare blood disease for several years. Frank Donald left us after a long illness on 4 September 2010. After suffering a serious injury at the Reunion in May and many attempts at rehabilitation, Judy McCloskey went to her reward on 19 August 2010. Nancy Joseph tells us Nancy Burkhart, widow of George, passed away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Oregon 9 September 2010.

- Scrivener

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