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1955 APR / JUN 2010 Assembly
9 JAN 2010

1605 Elm Creek View
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

President's Corner. Carl McNair. As you review this column, you should have your bags packed for the 55th for '55 - where we will reflect on our years of service, camaraderie, and support of our Alma Mater. Sadly, 35 members of our class have departed our ranks since the 50th. We hope that you will join us as we honor all in our Memorial Service and the march to Thayer Monument with hundreds of other fellow alumni.

Since the big five-oh, our bonds have grown stronger yet, with local and international trips together, regional luncheons, the Texas mini-reunion, establishment of our Widow's Support Program, formalizing the Caring Fund, and endowing the '55 Memorialization Program so that No Classmate is Left Behind. Our Local Classmate Assistance SOP has facilitated detailed support and assistance for family members in time of need to insure that '55 is there to answer the final roll call for every classmate.

Our class structure, communications, and contacts are without peer; the finest website and internet link of any we know, class roster, bio files, pictures of every classmate and families as submitted, eulogies, and archives all available at the touch of a button and preserved for posterity. As this term comes to a close, let me thank our seven elected officers and 15 committee chairman and their spouses for their diligence, loyalty, and commitment to the class. We will recognize them and you appropriately at the 55th; but for those who are unable to be among us at "our rockbound highland home," I wanted you to share my gratitude to them for a "job well done."

Year end found your EXCOM meeting on 10 Dec, to wrap up reunion planning and budgeting to present the best possible and memorable package for our attendees. We are estimating at least 300 attendees which will fill our favorite Reunion Hotel, the Park Ridge Marriott, where we will be the only class in residence for those four days. You can make that happen, so please reach out to all, including our widows and affiliated family members for our - "FOCUS ON FIFTY-FIVE".

It is also significant to note that the Class of 2005, our 50 year affiliation class, is concurrently planning their 5th Reunion for the fall. Many of their 936 members are now on the Staff & Faculty, so we will have a chance to learn of their early service a half century behind us. When we had our 5th Reunion, the Class of 1905 was holding their 55th. Does that date us? Seems like only yesterday, 28 May 2005, that Todd Graham and his committee were presenting their "Gold Bars" to the new grads at Michie Stadium.

Our Nomination Committee members under the leadership of Chairman Ed Trobaugh, our Immediate Past President, ably supported by Dick Auer, Bill Haas, Bill Hadly, Tom Phillips, Fred Pirkey, and Dave Wheeler, have competed their deliberations and coordination in accordance with Article III, Section 4, Class Constitution. We owe them a debt of gratitude for proposing a well balanced and dedicated leadership team to serve our class over the next five years. Voting is scheduled for Monday, May 17, 4:00-5:00PM at the Reunion.

Excerpt from the Nominating Committee Report: Nominations: President, Charlie Johnson; Vice President, Jim Drummond; Secretary, Don Andrews; Historian, Dan Ludwig; Treasurer, Jim Bergen; Information Systems Officer, Jack Campbell; Scribe, Jim Ryan.

55th Reunion Update. Rich Cardillo has given the following news about the Class Reunion 15-19 May. Rich wants to emphasize: (1) the importance of responding to the letter with the Reunion details that was mailed in Jan, (2) that we will be recognizing Father Oscar and other deserving classmates, (3) the change in Class leadership that will occur at the Reunion, and hopefully, (4) strong attendance of our class widows and some members of families of deceased classmates.

From the Medical World. Jack Campbell passed the news to us on 8 Jan 2010 that Dave Patton had just entered Beaumont Army Hospital with a massive heart attack. He will be undergoing bypass surgery as soon as his kidney functions permit. Jim Brokenshire reported on 7 Jan 2010, "As we begin the new year, and I am in the middle of my fourth round of chemo and feeling better than I have since August, Shirley and I believe it appropriate to thank all of you who have held us in your prayers. While not out of the woods we see positive signs of improvement in my as yet mysterious ailment." Jack Campbell reported on Lo Dienst, "Lo is back home from the hospital and getting stronger. She appreciates the prayers said on her behalf and asked me to thank the Class….Her kidneys are starting to function, her nausea is under control, and antiobiotics are beating the infection down….She says she is amazed at what a good caregiver Danny had become!" Jack Campbell gave us a rundown on his knee replacement. He is recovering quickly and can't wait to get the full use of his new knee. Ed Zaborowski reports that Jane has overcome multiple infections and may be able to have her colostomy reversed soon.

Class of 1955 Prayer List: Jim Brokenshire, Don Buchwald, Phil Bouchard, Frank Chura, Lo Dienst, Frank Donald, Mary Joe Donald, John Gamble, Ken Ikeda, John & Anne Fields Macdonald '80 (Skip's son and daughter-in-law), Jack McAuslan, Jo Ann McNair, Veronika Meekison, Bob Millard, Dave Patton, Chuck Steinman, Jill Wiegand, Jane Zaborowski.

'55. DC Christmas Brunch. Jo Ann (front) & Carl McNair
with friends Myrna Williamson (L), Jane Merryman (R)

'55. New Year's Day 2010, Austin TX. George & Jan Kennebeck, Carol &
Dick Baker, Norm Blahuta, Tom Weaver, Roberta Stone, Sue Weaver, Barb
Blahuta, Jim Cooper, Paula Campbell, Mary Helen Cooper, Jack Campbell,
Maren Palmer, Sandy Sanderson, Mary & Bob Blitch.

Social Scene. Class of '55 members, spouses, and friends from the National Capital Region met at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA on 6 Dec 2009. The occasion was the annual Christmas Brunch. Attending were: Ed & Betsy Anderson, Nancy Bishop, Norm & Barb Blahuta, Val Bundren, Bob & Marly Carpenter, Jim & Nancy Cutchin, Jack Doyle, Connie Franklin, Ted Gay, Bud & Dorothy Goldstein, Don & Carla Hilbert, Dan & Donna Ludwig, Dan & Anne Malone, Greta Masson, Rich & Mary Ann Miller, Bill & Joan McCulla, Carl & Jo Ann McNair with their guests Myrna Williamson & Jane Merryman, Dave & Cyndy McNerney, Mary Monahan, Bob Russell, Jim & Pat Ryan, Matt & Betty Schepps, Earl & Margit Singer, John & Ruth Sloan, Bob & Pat Strati, Dan Troyan with his daughter Danielle, Ted & Starla Vitori, Dick & Sandy Wargowsky, Tom West. Class President Carl McNair gave everyone an update on all the happenings in the Class since the 2008 Brunch. John Sloan took photographs of the occasion, and they are published on the Class Web Page. Matt Schepps, Dick Wargowsky, and Norm Blahuta were in charge of the luncheon. Class of '55 folks in the Austin, TX area had their seventh annual New Year's Day gathering at P.F. Chang's in Austin. Seventeen 55ers showed up for a good meal and a great time. To help celebrate the arrival of 2010, they had hosts Jack & Paula Campbell; Sandy Sanderson & Maren Palmer who drove in from Temple, George & Jan Kennebeck, Norm & Barb Blahuta who drove up from San Antonio where they were visiting their daughter, Jim & Mary Helen Cooper who drove down from Harker Heights near Ft Hood, Bob & Mary Blitch, Tom & Sue Weaver who drove up from Universal City near San Antonio, Dick & Carol Baker from Sun City, and Roberta Stone. Jack McCloskey & Judy report that their whole family had a gathering in the Hudson Valley to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary 13 Aug. Besides Jack & Judy, family members attending were: daughter Judy, Sara and her son MacKenzie, John &Vickie, Marianne & Owen, Patrick & Cynthia with daughter Kristin. They visited the Academy where the Corps was having the Annual Acceptance Day Parade, the Catholic Chapel where Jack & Judy renewed their marriage vows, Newburgh, Beacon, Manhattan where they stopped at the Empire Building to see a plaque honoring Judy's father an outstanding craftsman who participated in the erecting of the structure, and toured Ground Zero.

Dempsie Davis


Ray Karam


Kelly Lichtenberg

Wynne Stern


Reed Stone

Taps. On 28 Oct 2009, in Hewlett, NY, West Point lost a Distinguished Graduate, and the Class of '55 lost one of its own Herbert S. "Kelly" Lichtenberg. Kelly was laid to rest in the West Point Cemetery on 30 Oct 2009. Dempsie A. Davis, Jr., died on 4 Nov 2009 in Spartanburg, SC. Interment will be at the Air Force Academy Cemetery on 1 Jul 2010. Raymond A. Karam passed away peacefully in Reston, VA on 27 Nov 2009. A Memorial Mass was held for Ray at St. John Neumann RC Church in Reston on 5 Dec 2009. As of this writing, Ray is scheduled to be buried in Arlington Cemetery on 5 February 2010. Wynne B. Stern, Jr. passed in Boca Raton, FL, on 4 Dec 2009. The interment service for Wynne was held at the West Point Jewish Chapel 14 Dec 2009 after an earlier memorial service in Florida. Wynne is interred in the West Point Cemetery. Reed L. Stone went to his reward on 6 December 2009 in Austin, TX. Services for Reed were held on 15 December at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Austin, after which he was buried in Austin Memorial Cemetery. The Long Gray Line of us Stretches….

--- Jim Ryan, ( substituting for Chuck Roades

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