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1955 JAN / MAR 2010 Assembly
(16 OCT 2009)

1605 Elm Creek View
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 630-3648

Class of 1955, 55th Reunion. Mark your calendars. The 55th reunion of the Class of 1955 will be 15 - 19 May 2010 at the Park Ridge, New Jersey, Marriott Hotel. The re-union schedule was published in the two issues of ASSEMBLY previous to this issue. You will be receiving in the Jan/Feb 2010 time frame a letter with complete information on the reunion. In charge of our Reunion Committee: Rod Vitty.

President's Corner. John Feagin, Professor Emeritus at Duke, was honored on Oct 2-3, with establishment of the John A. Feagin, Jr. International Leadership Endowment at Duke University. John was recognized for his passion for leadership development, education and international collaborations. Notables attending and speaking on John's behalf were Mike Krzyzewski, '69, Duke Head Basketball Coach, Rev. Richard Camp, Former Head Chaplain, USMA,, and Pete Dawkins, '59. Classmates attending were Rich Cardillo, Charlie Johnson and Jim Drummond. The Leadership Forum will be an annual event attended by athletes, students, Coach's, surgeons, administrators, business leaders, and others interested in developing leadership skills - quite a legacy for our classmate who has done so much in the field of sports medicine.

Martha Steinman reports from West Virginia that Charles suffered a recent setback with congestive heart failure and pneumonia and is now residing in a nursing home for convalescence. She still visits him daily and hopes he will soon recover enough to return to their Wheeling, WV home. Frank Donald, with whom we had lost contact for a time, has now been relocated. Frank and his wife, Mary Jo, had suffered some physical problems residing in their Pensacola, Florida, home, and his daughter moved them to a skilled nursing facility, the Pensacola Specialty Center, 6894 Pine Forrest Road, Pensacola, FL 32526. They are located in rooms one another, so Company mates in I2 and other classmates might want to drop them a note. Dick Secord and an Air Force retired contingent from the Fort Walton area went over recently to pay them a visit. Dick Secord reported his visit to Carl McNair, who also visited Frank and Mary Jo and paid respects from the class.

As reported in the class annual report, Chuck Roades is now well established in his old home town of Colorado Springs in a new retirement abode , collocated with his brother. Jim Ryan will continue to accomplish the Scribe functions for the balance of Chuck's term, thus all correspondence, photos, and message should be forwarded to Jim. Changes of address, phone numbers and e mail changes should be forwarded to Jack Campbell, ISO, who will insure we are current on your current location and "call sign." It is significant to note once again that Chuck has served our class as Scribe for a quarter century with the Jun/Jul issue, 2010. Well done, thou good and faithful classmate.

From the Medical World. Ron McNiven is recovering from a stroke he suffered over a year ago. He lives alone in Clio, MI where his meals are provided. Remember in your prayers those on the '55 Prayer List: Jim Brokenshire; Don Buchwald; Frank Donald; Mary Joe Donald (Frank's wife); John Gamble; Ken Ikeda; John and Anne Fields Macdonald '80 (Skip's son and DIL) - for their safety while in Afghanistan; Jo Ann McNair (Carl's wife); Bob Millard; Chuck Steinman; Jill Wiegand (Bob's widow); Jane Zaborowski (Ed's wife).

1955 -- Jack Jeter, Pete Vann '56 and Jack Campbell - JUL 2006

1955 -- Paul Parks Family Reunion, Boston - 5 JUL 2008

Social Scene. Pete Vann '56 (ex '55) sent us a picture of a mini-reunion held in July of 2006 showing Pete along with Jack Jeter and Jack Campbell. We have a photograph from the L-2 Mini-Muster held in New Orleans in May 2009. Paul Parks' family held a reunion in Boston on 5 July 2009. The Southeast Virginia Floating Friday Lunch bunch met in Williamsburg on 18 September. Company D-2 held a mini reunion in California during October 2009.

1955 -- L-2 Mini-Muster, New Orleans, Jackson Square - MAY 2009

1955 -- L-2 Get-together, Tyson's Corner VA - 16 Aug 09
(L-R: Tom Herren, Jim Cutchin, Matt Schepps, Bud Goldstein)

1955 -- Dan Malone, Don Buchwald, Jim Ryan, Ted Livesay, Chuck Ewing (SEVA Lunch - SEP 2009)

Executive Committee Meeting. The Class of 1955 Executive Committee met in a teleconference on 17 September 2009. Officers attending: Carl McNair, President; Rich Cardillo, Vice President; Dan Ludwig, Historian; Bill Streett, Treasurer, Jack Campbell, ISO (acting); Charlie Johnson, Secretary. Committee Chairs: Ted Gay, Major Awards; Jim Ryan, Memorial Articles and substitute Scribe. Also attending were Bob Strati and Don Hilbert. Here is a summary of some of the matters discussed at the meeting: The balance in our Administrative Fund is $68,600 down by $1,200 since the May meeting. Bob Strati: The class is about $60,000 behind in our pledge for the Coach's Housing Project. We hope to complete the pledge by the 55th Reunion. Some Reunion information was discussed (see Reunion info above). Don Hilbert reported on recognition of service to the class by classmates. Rich Cardillo gave an update on the Travel and Ski clubs. Jim Ryan, substitute Scribe, said AOG is cutting back on the number of publications of ASSEMBLY to every three months instead of the current two month issues. TAPS will be published twice a year, October and April. Dan Ludwig reported the most current class Roster has been turned over to Jack Campbell for keeping up to date. The Roster is available on line at the class Home Page. Dan reminded the EXCOM that no Yearbook will be produced for the 55th Reunion, but there will be photographs and videos made during the event. Jim Ryan commented on Memorial Articles; we are doing better but need more input from the class. All classmates are encouraged to write their own Memorial Articles and to file them with AOG. Jack Campbell said the Class Home Page on line is doing very well. Several thousand "hits" were reported for August alone. There are three Rosters on the Home Page along with much information on the class and classmates. Jack lauded Tom Sims for all the outstanding work he has done on the Home Page. Carl McNair stated class officer nominations would be closed in December.

1955 -- Lew Olive

1955 -- Stan Harvill

Taps. The class recently learned of the death of Lew Olive on 20 November 2006 in Bronx, NY. Interment was at City Cemetery, Bronx, NY. Stan Harvill passed away on 25 August 2009. After a funeral service at American Martyr's Catholic Church in Manhattan Beach, CA, Stan was interred in Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, CA. He was buried with full military honors including a fly-by of T-34 aircraft. We are sad to hear of the death of Bud DeMaris' wife Bonnie Moore DeMaris on 1 October 2009 in Continental Rehabilitation Hospital, San Diego, CA, from cardiac arrest. Funeral services were held at St. Michael's-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Carlsbad, CA, on 10 October 2009. Interment will be in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (date unknown at the time of this writing).

--- Jim Ryan, ( substituting for Chuck Roades

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