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1955 SEP / OCT Assembly
25 JUN 2009

1605 Elm Creek View
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 630-3648

Class of 1955, 55th Reunion. {Here is the latest available (as of this writing) information on our 55th Reunion. Reported by Rod Vitty, Bob Strati, and Chuck Roades.)
[This is the 2nd of three communications about the upcoming reunion. Mark your calendar now and plan to be there. No other action is required by you at this time. The next and final communication will be in the Jan/FEB 2010 time frame. At that time you should do two things. Make your room reservation directly with Marriott (info below) and complete the reunion registration & associated costs memo (to be mailed to you in the Jan/FEB 2010 period) and return it to your reunion committee)]. WHEN: arrival date: 15 MAY (Saturday) departure date 19 MAY (Wednesday); WHERE: Marriott Park Ridge, 300 Brae Blvd, Park Ridge, NJ 07656, phone 201 307 0800. This is the same location as our 40th and 45th reunions. #Room rate is $135 per night plus state and local taxes in effect at time of check in, currently 14%. #No reservations will be accepted prior to JAN 2010. Call 1-800-882-1038. #Use a credit card for reservation. #Group Identification: "Class of '55 Reunion." #Cut-off date for reservations is 26 April 2010. 14-15 MAY 2010 Preliminary Program: Friday - 14 May. Reunion Committee/Executive Committee members arrive. Casual lunch & dinner. 1600-1800 Reunion Committee meeting in the Pearl River Room. Executive Committee (time and date TBD). Saturday - 15 May. 0700 - 0800 Breakfast at hotel restaurant (lobby). 1000-2400 All day check-in. Registration suite - Saddle River Room. 1800 - 1900 Cocktail reception, Garden Terrace - Grand Ballroom. 1900 - 2100 Class cookout/buffet. Grand Ballroom. Informal attire (SAFARI NIGHT). Sunday - 16 May. 0700 - 0900 Breakfast buffet - Grand Ballroom. 0900 - 1200 Registration Continues - Saddle River Room. 0900 - 0945 Religious Services - Salon F-H. 0945 BUSES LOAD FOR NYC. 1000 - 1800 Bus trip to NYC for Broadway Play. Matinee TBD. Lunch on your own. All others - unscheduled time/relax at hotel. 1830 - 1930 Cocktail Reception - Garden Terrace/Ballroom Foyer. 1930 - 2100 Dinner Buffet - Grand Ballroom (dress informal). Monday - 17 May. 0700 - 0800 Breakfast buffet - Grand Ballroom. 0815 BUSES LOAD FOR WEST POINT. 0840 Bus to West Point. 0945 Lichtenberg/55 Tennis Facility Memorial Terrace - Remembrance Program. 1045 - 1215 Bus to Catholic Chapel & Class Memorial Services. 1215 - 1315 Bus to Eisenhower Hall and luncheon buffet. 1330 - 1430 Meeting with Superintendent - Eisenhower Auditorium. 1440 Bus to hotel. Also bus available at 1330 if not attending meeting w/Supt. 1600 - 1730 Class Business Meeting - Grand Ballroom. (on arrival at hotel). 1830 - 1930 Cocktail Reception - Garden Terrace/Ballroom Foyer. 1930 - 2200 Dinner Buffet Grand Ballroom (informal attire). Tuesday - 18 May. 0700 - 0815 Breakfast buffet - Grand Ballroom. 0815 BUSES LOAD FOR WEST POINT. TUESDAY ATTIRE. Gray trousers, 55 shirt and hat, dark blazer, favors. 0830 Bus to West Point. 1020 Alumni Parade & Review. Class photo at 1005. 1230 - 1330 Alumni Luncheon - Washington Hall. 1400 - 1630 Bus to hotel w/drive-by or stops: #Class of '55 Coach's Housing Area #Kimsey Center/Kenna Hall of Army Sports/Blaik Gallery #Foley Athletic Center. 1830 - 1930 Cocktail Reception - Garden Terrace/Ballroom Foyer. 1930 Dinner - Grand Ballroom. Seating by company. Attire: Coat & tie for men; Comparable dress for women. Welcome/Invocation, toasts/etc. Wednesday 19 May. 0700 - 1000 Breakfast buffet - Grand Ballroom. 1000 Farewell & Departure. Rod Vitty - reunion chairman. Bob Strati - reunion assistant (phone: 540 450 3361, email:

1955 -- Park Ridge Marriott

From the Medical World. Don Buchwald reports that he is doing somewhat better since his knee replacement, but it is slow going because of a previous stroke which makes it hard for his knee muscles to strengthen. Dan Ludwig is in remission after having a battle with cancer. His treatments will continue for a while just to be sure he is okay. Jim Drummond has fully recovered from a bout with walking pneumonia. Remember in your prayers those on the '55 Prayer List: Dewey Auger, Don Buchwald, John Gamble, Ken Ikeda, Jo Ann McNair, Chuck Steinman, Wynne Stern, Jill Wiegand, and Jane Zaborowski.

1955 -- Michalove's in Paris

1955 -- McNerney Wedding

Social Scene. Mentioned in the last ASSEMBLY and pictured here were the Michalove's in Paris during May. Dave McNerney and Cynthia (Cyndy) Mackert were married 18 April 2009 in the Catholic Church of Leesburg, Virginia. Attending from '55 were Jim Cutchin, Matt Schepps, and Jack Goldstein. A Colorado Front Range Luncheon was held in Denver on 10 June 2009. Pictured here are the group Bob Camp, Jud Faurer, Todd Graham, Jim Bergen, Smitty Smetana, Rich Cardillo, Dick Bean, Chuck Roades, and Tom Wilkinson. On 22 MAY 2009, the Southeast Virginia Floating Friday Lunch bunch met at the Ryan's home in Petersburg, Virginia. It was Ladies Day. At the luncheon were Barb and Chuck Ewing, Marie and Ted Livesay, Anne and Dan Malone, Helga and Bob Hinrichs, Doc Dorough, Donna and Dan Ludwig, and Pat and Jim Ryan hosts. Company H-1 had a "micro" reunion in Washington, DC on 15 MAY 2009. Pictured are attendees Bob Thornquist, Bill Harris, and John Rudzki. Jim Drummond reports F-1 is planning a Mini-Reunion in Flagstaff, Arizona in late July hosted by Howie Whittaker and Bill Hadly. F-1's adoptees Jack Griggs, Charlie Johnson, and Todd Graham are expected to join Jim, Howie, and Bill on the rim of the Grand Canyon for a toast to Benny Havens.

1955 -- Colorado Front Range Gathering

1955 -- H-1 Micro in DC

Executive Committee Meeting. The Class of 1955 Executive Committee met in a teleconference on (29 MAY 2009). Officers attending: Carl McNair, President; Rich Cardillo, Vice President; Dan Ludwig, Historian; Bill Streett, Treasurer, Jack Campbell and Tom Sims, ISO (acting); Charlie Johnson, Secretary. Committee Chairs: Ted Gay, Major Awards; Dick Wargowsky, Widows; Jim Ryan, Memorial Articles. Some of the reports discussed at the meeting: Treasurer -- finances are in good shape; Caring Fund Activities; Coach's' Housing; 55th Reunion; Major Awards; Scribe; Historian, especially the Class Roster Project; Memorial Articles; Widows Support Program; ISO, specifically transition of nets to Jack Campbell and Class Homepage transition by Tom Sims; Nominating Committee; Old Business referring to maintaining contact with classmates by circle of friends, roommates, etc., to keep up with classmates' status, illness, or location; West Point Leaders' Conferences.

1955 -- Bob "Mac" McKelvey

1955 -- Bob Soper's Funeral

Taps. We were surprised and saddened to hear of the passing of Bob McKelvey on (11 JAN 2009). According to Bob's widow Ester, he had suffered from a debilitating illness for years before he left us. Sadly, another classmate who passed on was Bob Soper on (24 MAY 2009). Bob died of service-connected medical problems which had caused his health to deteriorate over an extended period. Some of those attending Bob's funeral were: Bill Edwards, Bill Haas, Bertie Soper, son John Soper, and Tom Auger.

-----Jim Ryan, substituting for Chuck Roades

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