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1955 JUL / AUG Assembly
15 MAY 2009

1605 Elm Creek View
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 630-3648

Class Communications, reported by Jack Campbell. Since the untimely passing of Bill Welter, Jack Campbell has taken over as Class Information Systems Officer until the Elections at the 55th Reunion. As such he is responsible for moderating and monitoring the Class nets and the Class Home Page. Tom Sims has agreed to work with Jack and be the Webmaster as well as Jack's backup for the nets. Jack and Tom agreed to incorporate all of Tom's web site as part of the '55 Home Page and make the Home Page a living, constantly updated, source of information for the class.

FDD, reported by Carl McNair. The West Point Society of the District of Columbia celebrated Founders Day March 14th at the McLean, VA, Hilton hotel. The speaker was the Superintendent Buster Hagenbeck who gave a splendid update on the Academy and Corps activities. The Alumni Glee Club provided the closing entertainment with a medley of Academy numbers including an original composition The Long Gray Line. Pictured here are '55 attendees, spouses, and guests. Classmates attended Founders Day events around the Country.

1955---Front: Jane Merryman, Myrna Williamson, Priscilla Gay, Jo Ann McNair, Starla Vitori, Carla Hilbert.
Back: Ted Gay, Carl McNair, Ted Vitori, Don Hilbert.

Reports from the medical world. Don Buchwald reports that he has had a left knee replacement, is recovering well during his rehabilitation, and is in good spirits. As we write this, in the hospital with a new knee is Betty Schepps who is doing well. We ask for your continued prayers for those on the '55 Prayer List: John Gamble, Dick Hargrove, Bob Soper, Chuck Steinman, Martha Steinman, Jill Wiegand, Jane Zaborowski.

55---McNair presents farewell gift to Roades.

Social Scene. On March 30, the West's hosted a farewell party for Chuck Roades who was moving from Leesburg, VA to Colorado Springs, CO. Attending the party were Chuck Roades, Tom and Elaine West, Carl McNair, Norm and Barb Blahuta, Ed Nidever, Bob and Linda Newton, Bob and Pat Strati, Don and Carla Hilbert, Jack Doyle, Matt and Betty Schepps, Ray Karam, Bob .Deardorff, Ray and Ann Gunderson, Dick Wargowsky, Dan Troyan, Greta Masson, and Marcia Cathey. The Lovebird reports she saw Larry and Sybil Michalove vacationing in Paris, France early in May. Father Oscar Raynal was to have dedicated his second village for the parish in Chihuahua, Mexico in early May; but we understand the ceremony was cancelled as a cautionary measure due to the Swine Flu.

55---Al Sheldon's funeral. Wing extends condolences of the Class.

MAY 15-19, 2010 Reunion Update from our man in charge Rod Vitty. Our hotel for the Reunion is The Marriott Park Ridge, 300 Brae Avenue, Park Ridge, New Jersey 07656, (201) 307-0800. Tentative schedule (details forthcoming): MAY 15, early registration, cookout and buffet; MAY 16, registration continues, bus trip to NYC for Broadway play; buffet dinner at hotel; MAY 17, bus to West Point, memorial service, lunch in Eisenhower Hall, meet with the Supe, class business meeting at hotel, buffet dinner at hotel; MAY 18, bus to West Point, Alumni Parade (uniform: blue blazer, gray trou), Alumni Luncheon, tour West Point housing, etc., dinner at the hotel. MAY 19, departure. Hotel Registration Info: The Marriott will begin taking room reservations in January 2010. The contact number is 1-800-882-1038 (ID Class of 55 Reunion). The cutoff date for room registration is April 26, 2010. Room rate $135 plus tax. Class Registration materials and associated cost information will be mailed to all in January 2010 along with more detailed information on the Reunion.

55---Bill Welter's funeral. The Rev. Turner & The Welter Family.

55---Pres Mayson 1970 Self Portrait

Sadly, we report on the deaths of: Al Sheldon, Bill Welter, Pres Mayson, and Mary Alice Johnson. Albert Edwin Sheldon, Jr. left us on February 4, 2009. John Wing reports Al was laid to rest on March 27 in Riverside National Cemetery, CA. Attending the funeral were John and Shelia Wing, Marlowe Viney, and Dave Maurer. March AFB and VA Cemetery representatives provided the honors presenting a US flag to Helia Sheldon and playing Taps. William Lloyd "Bill" Welter, Jr. passed away on March 23, 2009 in Williamsburg, VA. Jim Ryan reports Bill's funeral was held at Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, on March 27. Classmates attending the service along with Sherry Welter, family, and friends were: Carl McNair, Don and Carla Hilbert, Dan Troyan with daughter Danielle, Dan Moses, Jack Mcausland, Ted Gay, Bob Deardorff, Jim and Pat Ryan, Don and Mary Anderson, Tom and Elaine West, John and Ruth Sloan, Dan and Donna Ludwig, Bill and Pat Lucas, Matt and Betty Schepps, John Feagin, Bill McCulla, Don and Carole Buchwald, and Chuck Ewing. Dan Malone was the Classmate Assistant. Anne Malone arranged for a beautiful wreath tribute from the Class. The Eulogy was given by Don Hilbert on behalf of the Class. The beautiful Episcopal service included Communion followed by interment in the Churchyard. On March 30, Preston Brooks Mayson, Jr. went to meet his Maker. Matt Schepps reports, "The funeral for Pres Mayson was held at the Second Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA on Thursday April 2, 2009. Representing the Class of '55 were Matt and Betty Schepps, and Jim Ryan. The program for the service has 'Dr. Preston Brooks Mayson, Jr.' on the cover with the words 'Soldier, physician, lawyer, landscape painter - he played the game of life and won.'" Pres' wife Sara survives him. Mary Alice Johnson, widow of Robert P. "Bob" Johnson passed on March 30, 2009 according to her daughter and son-in-law Valerie and Daryl Tyson. Mary Alice is now with Bob in the West Point Cemetery. Be thou at peace.

-----Jim Ryan, substituting for Chuck Roades

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