USMA Class Of '55 Email Nets

The purpose of the Class Nets is to provide a quick and easy way to keep the class informed on all class business matters and to bring the class closer together by providing a means of communication that allows 55ers to easily exchange ideas with one another on any subject of mutual interest.

The Class ISO operates two business nets and several other non-business nets to meet the needs of the class. Messages intended for the '55 nets must be sent from your '55 email address of record, or they will be rejected.

How To Join Or Change Nets

Any 55er may join by sending a message to the ISO or his back-up and requesting the net or nets they would like to be a member of. All classmates and widows are urged to join the Business Net, but if after being a member you want to limit the amount of email traffic, then ask to be changed to the Super Quiet Net.

A "55er" is any grad of the WP Class of 55, any ex-member of the Class of 55, or any spouse/widow or descendant of a grad or ex-member.

Jack Campbell (ISO)

Tom Sims (Back-up)

The Business Nets

Our goal is to have every living classmate and class widow a member of one of the two business nets.

The '55 Super Quiet Net

The '55 Super Quiet Net is the low traffic Business Net for all classmates and widows with email addresses that are not on the Business net. Only the ISO (and back-up) can post to the Super Quiet net. The Super Quiet Net will be used only for:

* Distribution of EXCOM reports and important announcements by the Class President.
* Providing information on class elections, referendums, and reunions.
* Advising of Deaths of 55ers, the burial services, etc

The '55 Business Net

The '55 Business Net is used for:

* Everything listed for the Super Quiet Net and for
* Providing information on Individual and group 55 activities
* Showing Pictures (URLs) of classmates and class activities
* Providing important information on the Academy and Academy events
* Providing important information on the military and military events

All members can post to the Business net, but to hold down traffic only the ISO or his back-up can post to the SQ net. Occasionally a member will post something to the Business net that doesn't belong there and then the ISO will advise them or suspend them from posting.

A member of the Business Net may post messages to the Business net by addressing a message to . The message must fall into one of the above categories. Attachments can not be sent to the net. If a member has a picture they want to post, send it to the ISO with a full description including date and place and he will post it for you.

Non-Business Nets

The '55 Forum

The '55 Forum is the net 55ers can use to express their opinions on almost any subject that interests them, as long as they keep it clean. Some times it is a book review, some times it's medical advice, some times a discussion on new West Point policy, some times a personal story, and yes, some times a political thought. Members police themselves, keeping in mind we don't make personal insults or do name calling. The idea is to share opinions and thoughts and have a little fun while doing so. Having a thick skin usually helps too. The email address is: .

The '55 Locker Room

The '55 Locker Room is a small net where 55ers can exchange jokes of questionable color. Those easily offended should not join this net. The ISO will add members, but the net will not have a moderator. The email address is: .

The '55 Football Net

The '55 Football Net is mainly for those 55ers that want to participate in a class football pool. While the ISO will add members that want to play, the net is moderated by one of the members. The email address is: .

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