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Army at Chosin, Korea

Korean War, 1950-1953

Korean War Factbook

Korean War Project

Has links to Vietnam and Korean War casualty lists, also history of the Korean War, maps, and its veterans’ groups. The Korean War casualty list is currently being revised electronically because of United States communities memorization activities.

Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library

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Korean War Web Ring

Women in the Korean War


Center for the Study of the Korean War.  Graceland University, 1401 West Truman Road, Independence, MO 64050-3434

        Dr. Paul Edwards, Director, 816.833.0524; e-mail:

Center for the Study of War and Society.  220 Hoskins Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 37996         (865.974.0128)


Cold War International History Project.  Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Truman Presidential Library


Burt, Richard and Geoffrey Kemp, comps. and eds.  Congressional Hearings on American Defense

Policy:  1947-1971:  An Annotated Bibliography.  Lawrence:  University Press of Kansas, 1974.    

Ref.  KF7201.B86    A useful research tool focusing on House and Senate Defense Appropriations

Subcommittees.  It supplements the Monthly Catalog.

Declassified Documents:  Retrospective Collection, ed. by Anadel Wile, 4 vols. with index.  Arlington,

VA:  Carrollton, 1976-1983.  Gov. Docs. Z1223.A12.D35    It is a good finding aid of items not in         the Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government  Publications.  A good source for Korean War and

Vietnam War sources.  Updated by Declassified Documents Quarterly Abstract Catalog since


Guide to the Reports of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, ed. by Gordon Daniels.  London:  

Boydell & Brewer, 1981.  D785.U57.G8 1981  List the contents for the 316 European and Pacific

bombing surveys with biographical outlines of surveyors.  World War II bombing surveys referred         to during the course of the Cold War.

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        1956 rept.  Washington, DC:  GPO, 1982.    DS918.U53k1950 and 1950-1953.  Excellent

pictorial histories.  Available on CD-ROM, Government Printing Office, 008-029-00365-1.

                        SECONDARY SOURCES:

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               Government Printing Office, 1983.  Gov. Docs.  D301.2A:7/32/950-53  This is the most complete         book on the subject.  It includes illustrations and notes on sources including United Nations air         forces.

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_____.   Office of the Chief of Military History.  United States Army in the Korean War, 5 vols.          Washington, DC:  GPO, 1972-    .    DS918.U57  This is the official history of the U.S. Army in         Korea with good maps.  Posted on the Center for Military History’s home page:  Will also include pamphlets and some photographs

United States Marine Corps.  Historical Branch G-3, Division Headquarters.  U.S. Marine Operations in

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DS919.U61u   The illustrative descriptive series focuses on operational histories.  

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Bibliography.  Washington, DC:  GPO, 1959.  Gov. Docs. Y4.G74/6:N21se/2    A good source

for the unification of the armed services, defense organization and civil-military relations books,

articles and government documents.


Flinn, Robert Francis (1925-1951), USMA 1950, CU 17435.  Letters; Veteran, World War II, officer killed

in action, Korean War, 9 October 1951.  Letters to Donell and Gerald De  Graf, parents of         classmate, William B. De Graf, telling of his experiences as a young officer in the Korean War

Gilkey, Clarence Dunbar (1930-1986), USMA 1952, CU 18549, Papers; 1953-1954, 1 folder.  Served with

73rd Engineer Combat Battalion in South Korea, March 1953 – June 1954.  Memorabilia of X

Corps in Korea and a history of X Corps in Korea.

Korean War Propaganda Scrapbooks.  2 volumes.  Scrapbooks containing U.S. propaganda leaflets directed

at North Koreans, with English translations.  Report, “The North Korean Target,” presents test

questions and answers on propaganda leaflets given to Prisoners of War.

Osborne, Ralph Morris (1903-    ), USMA 1926, CU 7899.  Slide collection, 1953, 2 boxes.  Army officer,

Korean War.  Collection contains 481 slides of Korea, with index; a scrapbook of the II Airborne

Division Artillery, January 1954 – July 1955…

Pace, Frank, Jr. (1912-1988).  Papers, 1950-1988, 20 boxes.  Secretary of the Army, 1950-1953.  Collection

of materials relevant to government service; including correspondence; speeches and interviews;

scrapbooks; photographs; films, videos, and tapes; awards; biographical material; memorabilia.  

Inventory in Box 1.

Palmer, Arthur Carl (1904-1968), Papers:  1949-1967, 51 items.  Engineer, LTC, Army Reserve Corps.  

Memorabilia, 1950-1952, stemming from Palmer’s tour of  duty as general manager of the Third

Transportation Military Railway Service at Seoul; biographical data on Palmer; orders; Korean

reconstruction of the Pulchan River high level railroad bridge; ancillary pamphlets and papers

Ridgway, Matthew Bunker  (1895-1993), USMA April 1917, CU 5657.  Interview; 1969, 30 pages.  

Interview conducted by Major Matthew P. Caulfield and LTC Robert M. Elton, 29 August 1969.  

Topics covered included General Ridgway’s experiences leading and training men during World

War Ii and in the Korean War, and comparison of the Korean War with the conflict in Viet Nam.

Smythe, George Winfered (1899-1969) USMA 1924, CU 7545.  Papers; 1920-1969, 14 boxes.  Army

officer; commander in World War II and Korean War.  Correspondence; orders and citations;

maps; speeches; lectures; scrapbooks; photographs; memorabilia relating to Smith’s cadet days

and military career.  Inventory in Box 1.