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Updated 12 DEC 2016

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Duties of the Local Classmate Assistant

(12 December 2016)

The Local Classmate Assistant (LCA) serves as the principal contact with the next of kin.

It is not necessary for the LCA to travel and meet personally with the family (NOK). Communicating by any expeditious means would be appropriate.

If no one volunteers, the Class VP will attempt to contact a classmate living in the vicinity, or a known close friend, of the deceased and request that he be the LCA.

In the event that an LCA cannot be identified, an EXCOM member will assume the duties of the LCA.

The Local Classmate Assistant will contact the family to determine their wishes concerning a class contribution in honor of the deceased and will represent the class at the memorial service, if possible.

The LCA should also assist, as requested, by providing the family with initial POC information if the desired burial is to be at West Point, Arlington Cemetery, or another national cemetery.

In addition, the LCA will serve as the interface between the family and the Memorial Articles Committee in initiating the publication of a memorial and assisting through completion. Finally, at some future date, the LCA would receive the Article from the Committee, have it approved/modified by the family, and returned to the Committee.

The LCA will arrange for either a class wreath for the funeral or a donation from the Class of 55 to a charity of the NOK's choice.

If the family prefers a wreath, The LCA will arrange for a class wreath for the funeral, with a target cost of about $200. Receipts for these expenditures should be sent to the Class Treasurer, who will arrange for reimbursement from the Class Memorial Fund (part of the Class of 1955 Administrative Account at the AOG).

If the family prefers a charitable donation in lieu of flowers, the LCA will notify the Class Treasurer of the designated charity and address. The Treasurer will arrange for the donation of $200 to be made in memory of the deceased classmate from the Class Administrative Account with the AOG. The LCA will inform the Treasurer of the name and address of the individual (NOK) to whom the AOG will send a letter of acknowledgement of this donation in the deceased's memory.

The LCA will report the details of the planned memorial service (date and time, location, address for cards, etc.) to the ISO for transmission to the class.

After the service, he will send a report to the ISO with names of classmates attending, program notes, summaries of remarks and eulogies, and other relevant information. The ISO would also like to have a copy of the obituary and pictures of the service to post on the Class Home Page.

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Remarriage Note

Military survivor benefits cease upon remarriage of the widow, but if the subsequent marriage ends due to divorce or death, the widow is authorized reinstatement of the survivor benefit pension tax free, but must advise the service and the VA when such divorce or death has occurred and reapply under her military spouse.

Once the application is made for restoration of the benefit, the VA processes the request and the benefit can begin again from the date requested. But, cannot be retroactive for the preceding years during which they were unaware that the marriage had terminated.

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CLASS CONTACTS on "Death of a Classmate" matters:

Tom Horst, Pres

Norm Blahuta, Treasurer

Jim Ryan, Scribe

Jack Campbell, ISO

Tom Sims, Webmaster

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