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Updated 12 DEC 2016

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Support for Families of Deceased Classmates

(Replaces LCA SOP of 12 December 2016)

To facilitate support to the surviving family members of deceased classmates, the Class Executive Committee has appointed four Regional Directors (RD) within the Northeast, Southeast, Central and Western regions of the United States.

Upon notification by the AOG or the Class ISO of the passing of a classmate whose family is located within his region, the RD will identify a Local Classmate Assistant (LCA) to provide assistance to the surviving family members. In some cases, the LCA may have been previously named by the deceased classmate. In other cases, the RD will attempt to identify a classmate living within the region or a known friend of the deceased who is willing to act as the LCA. If an LCA cannot be identified, the RD will assume LCA duties as outlined below.

Duties of the Local Classmate Assistant (LCA)

1. Serves as the principal contact between the Class and the family of the deceased classmate. It is not necessary that the LCA travel to meet personally with the family. Communication by any expeditious means will be appropriate.

2. Provides any desired information and/or point of contact with a national cemetery; e.g., Arlington National Cemetery, West Point Cemetery.

3. Determines the family’s wishes with respect to the Class of ’55 contribution in honor of the deceased classmate.

a. If the family prefers a class wreath for the funeral, the LCA will coordinate with the local funeral director to arrange for the wreath with a target cost of $200. The receipt should be sent to the Class Treasurer who will arrange for reimbursement by the AOG with funds taken from the Class Memorial Fund.

b. If the family prefers a charitable donation in lieu of a wreath, the LCA will notify the Class Treasurer of the name and address of the designated charity and the name and address of the next of kin to whom the AOG will send a letter of acknowledgement.

4. Notifies the Class ISO of the details of the planned funeral and/or memorial service: date, time, location, address for cards, etc.

5. If possible, provides the Class ISO with a summary of the funeral and/or memorial service including names of classmates in attendance, program, eulogies, pictures, and a copy of the obituary.

6. Serves as the interface between the family and the Memorial Articles Committee, if a TAPS memorial article has been requested.

7. Assists the family, friends, or other classmates with guidance for writing, submitting and obtaining approval of the article for publication.

Tom Horst
'55 President
6 June 2018

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Class Contacts on "Death of a Classmate" Matters

Regional Directors

Northeast Region - Rich Miller idlerich75@gmail.com. The states within this region are IN, KY, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, WV, FRANCE, ME, DE, MI, VT, CT, RI.

Southeast Region - Bob Wray bobrosie@bellsouth.net. The states within this region are AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN, MEXICO, VENEZUELA.

Central Region - Rich Cardillo Mtnhaus@gmail.com. The states within this region are CO, IL, KS, LA, MN, MO, NE, NM, OK, TX, AR, IA, ND, SD.

West Region - Ed Trobaugh trobaughed@seanet.com. The states within this region are AZ, CA, MT, NV, OR, UT, W, WY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, PHILIPPINES, ID, HI, AR.


Tom Horst, President oldtom55@gmail.com

Norm Blahuta, Treasurer NBlahuta@aol.com

Jim Bergen, V.P. bergenjp@comcast.net

Jack Campbell, ISO ColJack55@austin.rr.com

Tom Sims, Webmaster TES3355@gmail.com

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Remarriage Note

Military survivor benefits cease upon remarriage of the widow, but if the subsequent marriage ends due to divorce or death, the widow is authorized reinstatement of the survivor benefit pension – tax free, but must advise the service and the VA when such divorce or death has occurred and reapply under her military spouse.

Once the application is made for restoration of the benefit, the VA processes the request and the benefit can begin again from the date requested. But, cannot be retroactive for the preceding years during which they were unaware that the marriage had terminated.

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