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From: Joe Franklin
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 9:39 AM
To: usma1955@west-point.org
Subject: RE: usma1955: 55-forum H-37

Roger that, Jack, and thanks to you and all your flying pals Lee and I survived and thrived. J No other Arctic foxes could be more grateful. With thanks and best always, Joe

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From: Lee McKinney [mailto:leem55@charter.net]
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 10:10 PM
To: usma1955@west-point.org
Subject: RE: usma1955: 55-forum H-37

Jack, I’m not going to ask what you meant about that “Oh Boy……”, re being in Greenland with Joe and me-BUT, we both are sure as hell glad you were, my friend…….and I don’t just say that because you saved me by bringing in those tomatoes!! You and your aviation compatriots were fabulous, flying under such horrendous conditions!!!

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From: Dugan, Daniel C. (ARC-AV) [mailto:daniel.c.dugan@nasa.gov]
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 12:28 PM
To: usma1955@west-point.org
Subject: Re: usma1955: 55-forum H-37

Now that’s a really interesting story about your early career in Army Aviation, Jack. Once I got my late start in aviation (1958), I always wanted to go to TATSA where all of that great flying was done. I did get down there from Edwards AFB one year, 1967, to get an accelerated check-out in the CH-47 so that I could be the Project Pilot on the Armed and Armored Chinook – Guns-A-Go-Go that we were to test at the Army Aviation Test Activity.


BTW, I never heard of 110/135 fuel, but 100/130 instead. The T-28s always used 115/145 in those days, too. Now it’s 100 Low Lead and that will be phased out down the road.

On 7/30/13 10:02 AM, "Jack Doyle" wrote:

I did.

Right after I got out of Helicopter school - I was in the next to last class at Rucker, I was assigned to the Transportation Aircraft Test and Support Activity (TATSA). Gen Bunker was the CG of the Transportation Material Command in St Louis (TMC). We fell under TMC. Bunker was of the opinion that ALL aircraft manufactures were nothing but a bunch of crooks, and he said so out loud. You can imagine how popular he was in the civilian community. He didn't believe the Time Between Overhaul numbers, as specified by the manufactures were accurate. As a result, he ordered a 1,000 hr. test on every a/c in the Army inventory. Concurrent with that the Army decided to switch gas from 110/135 octane to 115/145 octane on all Army a/c. As it turned out Bunker was more right than wrong.

I graduated from Helicopter school qualified in the H-13c model. By the time I left TATSA,1960, I was qualified in every helicopter and fixed wing in the Army. Actually when I left TATSA I had more time in the Caribou than anyone else in the Army. That was part of the reason I got to go up to Greenland with Joe Franklin and Lee McKinney. Oh boy................

On Jul 29, 2013, at 6:30 PM, Dugan, Daniel C. (ARC-AV) wrote:

Any of you Army Aviatrix dudes ever fly the big Mojave?

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