United States Military Academy Class of 1955

Pre-2000 Constitution and By Laws

USMA 1955 Constitution

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Par. 1. This organization shall be composed of all members of the class graduated from the USMA in June 1955 and all members of this class who are members of the Association of Graduates USMA.


Par. 1 This organization is formed to preserve the unity of the Class of 1955 and to provide a means of administering class affairs.


Par. 1. Officers of the Class of 1955 originally elected were: Charles Fred Bliss,III, President; Lee Donne Olvey, Vice-President; David Drew Gilpatrick, Secretary; John Autry Feagin, Treasurer; and John Philip Lovell, Historian.

Par.2. An Executive Committee will consist of class officers and others as appointed by the President and shall meet at the place and time as designated by the Class President.

Par.3. Starting in 1985, class officers will be elected at each class meeting. All members of the class are eligible for election.

Par. 4. The president or acting President shall appoint the Chairman of a Nominating Committee to conduct nominations for class officers. Nominations shall be accepted from all class members.

a. Class officer positions that become vacant shall be filled by appointment of the President based upon the recommendation of the Nominating Committee.

b. Class officers will be elected at every class meeting. Election will be by a majority of those voting at the class meeting and ballots sent in by those not attending. Officers may serve consecutive tours of office.

Par. 5. The offices, duties, methods of election, and terms of office of the members of the Executive Committee shall be prescribed in the By-Laws of this Constitution.

Par. 6. Class members not located in the vicinity of the Executive Committee are encouraged to form class sub-committees for the purpose of promoting class unity in their areas. One member of each sub-committee should be designated as the Sub-committee Chairman. It would be his duty to maintain liaison with the Executive Committee. The sub-committee would assist in notifying the Executive Committee immediately in the event of a death or sudden serious illness of a class member.


Par. 1. The Class Gift Fund is part of the West Point Fund of the Association of Graduates. It shall be administered by the Class Treasurer or his designated representative on the Executive Committee. It shall be used as agreed upon between the Class President and the Superintendent. (Agreement dated 4 Nov. 1982 and 3 Dec. 1982)

Par. 2. The Class Administrative Account is maintained by the Association of Graduates. It shall be administered by the Class Treasurer or his designated representative on the Executive Committee. Its use is limited to that which supports class activity which benefits West Point. It may be used as follows (see Agreement dated 12 Mar. 1984) :

a. To support reunion activity of the class.

b. To make contributions "in memory" of a deceased classmate to the West Point Fund and enroll the classmate in the USMA Memory Book ($25 donation is proper).

c. To support class business activity, administrative functions of the class,and reimbursement of expenses to class members for the conduct of class business.

d. To support other expenses as deemed appropriate by the Treasurer or his designated representative on the Executive Committee.

Par. 3. The Executive Committee of the Class may establish a Washington Area Account for the class to cover any of the uses listed in Par. 2. Further, it may be used to support other expenses which may be deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee. It shall be administered by the Class Treasurer or his designated representative on the Executive Committee.

Par. 4. A report of the various class accounts shall be presented by the Treasurer annually to the Executive Committee and to all class members.

Par. 5. Upon the death of the last surviving member of the class, any monies remaining in any Class of 1955 account, regardless of location, shall be donated to the West Point Fund of the Association of Graduates.


Par. 1. The administration of class affairs shall be accomplished by the Executive Committee as prescribed in the By-Laws.

Par. 2. Notices, such as fund reports, reunion issues to be voted, election of new officers, proposed changes to the constitution, etc., will be published in the Assembly.


Par. 1. Class meetings shall be held each five years during reunions held at West Point.

Par. 2. All motions made at class meetings may be acted upon with the approval of over 50% of those in attendence (sic).


Par. 1. The Constitution may be amended by a majority of votes cast in person or by an absentee ballot at any class meeting.

Par. 2. Petitions to amend the Constitution may be made by any member of the class. Such petitions shall be forwarded to the President.


Par. 1. Changes to the Constitution shall be adopted upon a majority of votes cast in person or by absentee ballot at class meetings.



Par. 1. Those persons currently serving as Class Officers are as shown in the latest issue of the Register of Graduates published yearly by the AOG.

Par. 2. Class Offices will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and Scribe.

Par. 3. The Historian will publish a class yearbook for each even year class meeting.


Par. 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the class officers and others as appointed by the President. The Chairman shall be the Vice President and he shall coordinate the activities of the Committee.

Par. 2. The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall:

a. Maintain laison (sic) with the Class President.

b. Designate one member of the committee to act as Recorder who will discharge secretarial duties for the Committee, and who will carry out other duties as required by the Class Secretary.

c. Designate a member of the committee as Treasurer to discharge such duties involving funds as may be necessary, and to coordinate with the Class Treasurer.

Par. 3. The Executive Committee shall:

a. Maintain the unity of the Class of 1955, conduct class business affairs, and keep the class informed of matters affecting all of its members.

b. Plan, organize and execute all reunion and mini-reunion activity.

c. Encourage small groups to organize regionally and to maintain liaison with the Executive Committee.

d. Appoint such committees as are deemed necessary.

e. Furnish a class representative for any official duty or function when required.

f. Publish a Class Directory of class members' address (sic) at each class meeting.

g. Prepare and distribute correspondence on matters concerning the class.

h. Develop and maintain a system for notifying classmates of the death of a classmate.

i. Make recommendations to the class members at the appropriate times for presenting gifts to sons and daughters of the class of 1955 graduating from USMA.

j. Develop a "five year plan" after each class meeting in order to establish appropriate goals, major class events, etc. for the next five years.

Par. 4. The Class Scribe will write the class report including all class notices and insure that they are published in each edition of the Assembly.

Par. 5. Recognizing that the greatest concentration of classmates is in the Washington, D.C. area, as a minimum the Vice-President and the Scribe should reside in that area in order to coordinate activities there.

Par. 6. If a member of the Executive Committee resigns, the President will appoint a new member based upon the recommendations of the remaining members of the Executive Committee.


Par. 1. Motions to change the By-Laws may be made at class meetings.

Par. 2. Changes to the By-Laws will be passed by a majority vote of the members present at class meetings.

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