1. Mitzi and Bill Thomas


2. Lower right of the picture is Charlie Knapp




4. (lop left) Dark sweater, white collar -Peyton Cook
(bottom right) Hal Headlee


5. Tom McMullen is talking to Fred Irving (in sweater)
(Back in the center with glasses) George Scheuerlein


6. back row from left: Beadeye Breakiron, Teddy Atkeson, Tom Odderstol, and Barnett DeRamus. Front row from left: John (Red) Hemler, Lou Bretzke, Howie Snyder


7. Buckner 7 - Fred Rockwell at mike; LTG Christman


8. Fred Rockwell and LTG Christman -- PRESENTATION OF THE '51 GIFT


9. LTG Christman


10. Hellcats playing