Our USMA 1955 Class Reunion
Special Memories...

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Buckner. It hasn't changed at all through the years.
Love. It has only gotten better through the years.
Dick "Beadeye" Breakiron. and John "J.B." Lewis in front of the 1st Div. just prior to John going in and seeing his father's name in the attic.
"I 'signed in' on May 29, 2001, just above my Father's name in the attic of the 1st Division of Cadet Barracks. Beadeye's name is just below my Father's name. If Dian and Beadeye had not published the photo of Beadeye 'signing in' last fall, I would not have known about the attic. Also, I would not have gained all of the information about my Father's life as a POW of the Japanese that I have gotten as a result of follow-on communications and research."


To "protect" and assist John Lewis and his guide, a cadet that some of you met accompanied them into the attic. She did her duty, and signed in as well.... right next to a brick that says "No Girls, USMA 1979"