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    Stroud's, The Source For Internet Applications 

    The CWSApps List is designed to be your one-stop shopping site for the latest software. Extensive reviews for the hottest Windows 3.x/95/NT applications are just a few of the many goodies to be found on this site. All information is freely available; thanks to the support of its advertisers, The CWSApps List will remain the premier free forum for Internet software. Pegasus Email, PSP (Paint Shop Pro) for image manipulation, and PKZip for working with compressed files are a good start for downloading if you're undecided. 

    WebFerret, The 'ne plus ultra' of search engine technology

    The link will take you to a free ftp download site for WebFerret.  The download will place WebFerret on your hard drive.  When you run this file, it will install the program and place a shortcut on your desktop. You're ready to go!   Fuctionally, this engine runs ALL the internet search engines in parallel, eliminating duplicates, and returns the remainder.  Clicking on any of the returns will convert the leading icon to a lighter color, indicating that link is being opened in a separate browser window. 

    DejaNews, The tool for searching Usenet! 

    There is an archive of all the postings to the over 60,000 news groups which cover every conceivable area of human interest. Any keyword search will then list all postings hit, along with the authors! You can ask next for all messages ever posted by that author. It's a good reminder that the counterweight to all this data access is loss of much personal privacy. 


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