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USMA Ski 58 Group at Whistler - February 24 - March 1,2002
Thanks to Gene Wilson

Host Group (- the Bahnsens) + Dick Schonberger who flew to Sea-Tac on Saturday and joined the Morgans and group for the departure at 8:OOAM on Sunday morning.

: L to R, Gene Wilson, Dick Schonberger, Tom Morgan and Bill Edwards.

: L to R, Ellie Wilson, Sarah Edwards (daughter), Jan Edwards and Grace Morgan.

   Pete and Lana Bahnsen departed Sequirn to Port Angeles, then ferried to Vancouver Island and Horseshoe Bay and then drove to Whistler where we all joined to set up reception.

Reception was held in the Powder Lodge Lounge, part of the Whistler Village Inn + Suites, from 3:00 - 6:OOPM with lots of wine, soft drinks and snacks. Although I saw several cameras there, I have not seen one photo from the evening. We must have all been too busy and excited to do anything but drink, eat and relish the fact that we were on a ski58 outing.

Monday, Feb 25

Most skied Whistler Mountain on a beautiful sunny day. Group of 10-12 joined Gene for the guided tour of one of our favorite NW get-away spots. Too anxious and excited for any photos.

Apre' Ski at Brandy's Lounge, 3:00-6:OOPM, with all classmates present and accounted for except for McGrew.
Near side of table, L to R, Sarah Edwards, Bill Edwards, Ann Trumbull, Grace Morgan, Pete Bahnsen, Diane LeTowt, Bill Shely.
Far side of table, L to R, Hugh Trumbull, Jerry Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Ellie Wilson, Lana Bahnsen, Jody LeTowt, Frank Harlem, Ann Shely, Jan Edwards.
Way back in back, L to R, Dick Schonberger, Ken Herberger, Tom Morgan, Gene Wilson.


Tuesday, Feb 26

Most turned to the other lift and ventured to Blackcomb Mountain on another beautiful sunny day.  Still too engrossed in skiing to take photos...

Tuesday evening: Sleighride on the golf course along Green Lake and Fondue Dinner at Joel's at Nicklaus North Golf Course Club.
 L to R, Barbara Lewis, Bill Shely, Dan Fleming (Bill's son-in-law). Sleigh Driver, Bill's son. Bill, Ann Shely, Ellie Wilson, Gene Wilson, Palmer McGrew and Jerry Lewis, walking around the sleigh.


 L to R, Sleigh Driver, front seat, Sophie Shely (Bill's grandaughter), Marta Shely (Bill's daughter-in-law), second seat. Bill Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Jan Edwards, Ken Herberger, third seat, Ann Trumbull, Frank Harlem, back seat, Dick Schonberger, Grace Morgan, Tom Morgan.


Jerry Lewis explaining something "BIG" to Palmer and Ken.


The group relaxing in Joel's awaiting dinner. I believe that the look on Ken's face is because he is 'down' and upset because he has lost or misplaced his ski gloves.



Wednesday, Feb 27

Today was a "free" day. Sadly, there was fog, low clouds, some snow and wind - gotta have at least one bad day on a ski trip but for those who took the day off, there was shaping and Alpine Tea at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler in the Mallard Room. (Photos from Jerry) Apre" Ski and Apre' Tea was a gathering for an abundance of leftovers ofvmie and snacks in the Wilson's Loft at the Whistler Village Inn.

: L to R, Jerry Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Ellie Wilson, Frank Harlem, and Tom Morgan. Note the "found" ski gloves of Ken Herberger awaiting Ken's arrival.

: L to R, Bill Edwards, Palmer McGrew, Bill Shely, Lana and Pete Bahnsen, Grace Morgan.

: L to R, Pete Bahnsen, Grace Morgan, Jody LeTo\vt, Dick Schonberger, Jerry Lewis.

:L to R, Frank, Tom, and a 'happy" Ken Herberger again.

Thursday, Feb 28

The mountain of choice this week seemed to be Blackcomb. As many times as we have been there, this has varied due to snow and other weather conditions. But it is nice to have the option of two mountains at one location with the choice of lifts just seconds apart. And if you don't like one, come down the 5000' vertical and try the other one.

: Finally got a group together, L to R, Hugh Trumbull, Ann Trumbull, Tom Morgan, Pete Bahnsen, Ellie Wilson, Gene Wilson, Dick Schonberger, Sarah Edwards, Ken Herberger.

: Close up, L to R, Hugh, Ann, Tom, Pete, Ellie, Gene, Dick, Sarah, Ken.

: Had to include this one view from the top of 7th Heaven Express, near Horstman Hut on Blackcomb at 7500' overlooking Whistler Mountain, which tops out at about 7150'.

:L to R, Dick, Tom, Ellie and Ken, ready for the last run.


The farewell dinner was held at the BrewHouse in Village North, about a I0-minute stroll from the hotel.

: Our youngest skiers, lan  and Sophie Shely (Bill's twin grandchildren), who skied with the Whistler Kid's program all week.

: The "other end" of Palmer's table, L to R, Dick Schonberger, Barbara Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Jody LeTowt, Diane LeTowt, Ken Herberger, Frank Harlem, Bill Edwards.

: Dick Schonberger also got an award for "demo-ing" the most parabolic skis during the week since the younger folks on the slopes were telling him that his long 200s were giving away his age... If you squint and use a magnifying glass, on the top row you may see Dick depicted as "kickin' a__", "haulin' a__", doin' an "a__ \vipe". Then on row two, you see him "kissin' a__", bein' a "dumb a__", and then goin' "bare a__". On row three, he is a "pain in the a__", is "a__ backwards" and then shows off with his ski group as "a__-o-nine" - all in good fun.

: A front view of Bill's award as the "Ladies Home Companion".

: A skier high in the sky as we walked back to the hotel from the BrewHouse.

All in all-I think a great time was had by all!

Thanks to Gene Wilson

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