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Photos from Whistler

Following 10 Photos, thanks to Palmer's new Olympus Camedia D-360

First of the Whistler Pix. A group of the usual miscreants about to plunge down the hill.

Sarah Edwards, Bill's daughter, Frank Harlem, Ken Herberger, the Trumbulls, pause to rest.

Gene Wilson gave tours of the mountains. No one could keep up with him. I caught him here while he waited for the group to straggle in.

Palmer in his black and gold ski outfit. Note that we were not the first people in for lunch.

58 skiers on top of the world

Greg McGrew and his friend and WP-brat Bob Stetekluh share the hottub with 58ers

Gluhwein and suntoasted hilltops, it doesn't get much better

the lift at Whistler leaves practically from the front door of the hotel

Ken H is ecstatic about the return of his ski gloves. As was everyone else. No more gluhwein for him.

Bill Edwards, who doesn't ski and spent all day with other people's wives, oh, and his own, too, gets his "Ladies Home Companion" award.

Following Photos, thanks to Jerry Lewis

Ski School Award

Farewell Dinner at the Brewhouse: Jody & Trumbulls observe Ski School Award presented to Bill Shely. Shirt reads, "Leap Before You Look; ...; Ignore all Avalanche Warnings". Palmer and Bob Stetekluh in the background

Lost Gloves Award

Farewell Dinner at the Brewhouse: Gene Wilson presented non-loseable gloves award to Ken Herberger

Farewell Dinner Table-L

Farewell Dinner at the Brewhouse: Jan Edwards, Pete Bahnsen, Palmer & Greg McGrew, Lana Bahnsen & Dick Schonberger

Bill S & LeTowts at Wilsons' "feast"

Bill Shely describing daily ski school to the Le Towts, at Wilsons' last snack feed (4-6pm)

High Tea at the Chateau

Alpine High Tea at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler - Wilsons, Trumbulls & Barbara (foreground)

Gathering in lobby for high tea

Gathering in lobby of Village Inn for stroll to the Chateau & Alpine High Tea: Ann T, Sarah, Lana, Gene, Hugh, Bill, Tom, Ellie & Barbara

Ski talk at Joel's

Fondue at Joel's after sleigh ride - Hugh in the distance; Gene, Ann S, Frank and Bill S -- ski talk no doubt

Fondue at Joel's

Fondue at Joel's after sleigh ride: Palmer McGrew,

Barbara Lewis; Bill Shely Jr & Sr; Ken Herberger and others at the foot of the table

Assembling for sleigh ride

Assembling with warm beverages (Gluehwein) at Joel's: Bill & Marta Shely & dau. & son (twins); Bill & Ann Shely; Hugh Trumbull; Ken Herberger; Palmer McGrew; Dick Schonberger; Jill (Bill's dau.) & Dan Fleming; Tom Morgan

Monday Lunch

Lunch at the Roundhouse on Whistler: Wilsons, Jody, Pete, Ken & Tom. Note: colorful hat in middle and on Tom, marking table as OURS. Caps knitted by friend of Bahnsens @ 2 per night - there are still a few left at a bargain price ($13)

Desert & Coffee at 2nd Cup

Ellie & Gene Wilson (on the flanks); Grace & Tom Morgan; Bill & Jan Edwards

Heading out for sleigh ride

One of 2 sleighs, on ride near Joel's: Edwardses, Trumbulls, Harlem & Morgans

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