The FileBrowse web tool is designed to assist you in your web-site maintenance.


To use this tool, think of it as hyperlinks to your web-site. Folderare directories and textare documents. You navigate through your web-site by simply point-and-click on the icons. If you click on a , the system will show you its content on a separate web browser window.


Note that the FileBrowse page has a small frame on the bottom of the browser.

Typically, this frame is empty. However, if you select a file from the file-browser, the bottom frame will provide you with an option to remove the selected file. Removing a file is final. If you ask the wizard to get the file back from tape, it will cost you $$.

To ensure that you do not delete the wrong file, the system will show you the content of the file. At that time you can make your decision in removing (or not) the selected file. When the system do show you the content of the file, it will be shown on a new browser window.

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ditus 10/01/97